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During the early years of my life, I used to flip the pages of albums my parents and grandparents had. By that time I had my first strong emotions on how a picture can make you feel and transfer you.

My first camera was a present from my grandfather. I remember I started taking shots and documenting everything around me.

During my studies I concentrated on photography and I learned how to shoot, develop and produce a complete body of work. Analog, digital, architectural, portrait photography, but it was always a challenge for me how I could capture light and reveal a story. I was impressed when for the first time in my life I saw the image being developed, a white piece of paper transforming itself into different shades of grey.

Photography is my life. I am really passionate about capturing light, life, moments, emotions, memories. I love to travel, visit new places, communicate with people and gain new experiences each time. Photography for me is a passion that needs dedication, patience and hard work to achieve great results.

A photograph, is what survives beyond memories. a series of them, have always been the greatest storytelling way.



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